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SeaMax Specifications

An extract from another item by Dan Johnson quotes:

“My previous splog on SeaMax was followed with several more hours logged on this beautiful amphibian. She's a light weight high performer that takes some familiarization but is deluxe in many ways and has achieved notable market success with 125 SeaMax presently flying worldwide. I have now flown the SeaMax three times. Yesterday we did three water and three land touchdowns. What a hot little flying boat, LSA floatplanes can weigh 1,430 pounds. At 1,144 lbs SeaMax performs brilliantly with the 100-hp Rotax 912S; This is the one to watch.”

Wing Span 28.7ft - 8.75m
Aspect Ratio 6.24
Length 18.6ft - 5.6m
Empty With Fluids 750lb - 340kg
Max. Take Off Weight 1433lb - 650kg
Load Factor +5G's / -3G's
Max. Fuel Capacity 25gal - 96l
Cabin Width 46.9in - 1.2m
View the SeaMax powerpoint presentation:
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SeaMax can be used for:
Instruction, Commercial Work, Hire and reward.

Engine (Rotax) 912S (100hp)
Propeller Warp Drive 3 Blades
Stall Speed Flaps Up 66km/h 36kt
Stall Speed Flaps Down 58km/h 31kt
Cruising Speed 75% 185km/h 100kt
Max. Cruise 209km/h 113kt
VNE 257km/h 139kt
Rate of Climb 1000ft/min
Take Off Run (Land) 300ft - 90m
Take Off Run (Water) 350ft - 100m
Landing Run (Land) 300ft - 100m
Landing Run (Water) 350ft - 100m
Endurance with 3/4hr reserve 4.5 hours