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SeaMax Features

SeaMax Standard Equipment List

  • Dual toe hydraulic brake pedals
  • Dual throttle
  • Landing lights
  • Navigation lights
  • Strobe lights
  • Electric trim actuator
  • Electrical flap actuator
  • Electrical retractable landing gear
  • Electrical fuel pump
  • Electrical bilge pump
  • Electrical pitch trim with panel position indicator
  • Stick with electric trim control
  • Pilot and co-pilot four-point seat belts and harnesses
  • Water rudder
  • 9 Switches for landing gear, flaps, bilge pump etc
  • 11 Circuit breakers for landing gear, flaps, bilge pump etc
  • Tinted canopy
  • External canopy key lock
  • Canopy duel vents
  • locking fuel tank caps
  • "low fuel" warning light
  • Waterproof synthetic "marine leather" seats
  • Head rests for both seats
  • Flap position indicator on panel
  • Trim position indicator on panel
  • Landing gear position indicator on panel
  • Adjustable Seats
Engine : Rotax, 912 ULS 100 hp
Propeller : Warp Drive, 68 inch 3 bladed, tapered with nickel leading edge

Electrical Activation Of The Landing Gear

Landing gear with electromechanical activation. It has been designed to allow landing on water, lower the landing gear into the water and taxi to the beach or a ramp.

Comfort Inside The Cabin

Spacious and ergonomically designed cabin to offer maximum comfort even during longer flights. Cabin Width is an Amazing 1.2 Metres (46.9 inches)!

Fast Take Off

Fast take-off: climb to the “step” in the first 30 meter / 98 feet, then accelerate and take off within 100 meter / 328 feet (solo) and 150 meter / 492 feet (dual).

Smooth Landings

During landing with full flaps the aircraft approaches at 43 kt / 80 km/h; a safe and smooth landing is guaranteed.

Retractable Water Rudder

Perfect maneuverability in water, thanks to a retractable water rudder, incorporated in the rudder. Fuselage is totally water-proof. The retractable water rudder can be easily operated from the cabin.

Versatility Of The Amphibian Aircraft

Australia has 25,000 km of coast line, marked by rivers, lakes and dams, it is a natural environment for amphibious aircrafts. Besides the possibility of landing on water and on conventional runways the versatility of the operation enables landing on water and taxiing to land and vice versa. The pleasure of an amphibious operation can truly be experienced onboard this aircraft. The amphibious characteristics of the SeaMax do not diminish its performance as a conventional airplane.

Safety Of The Operation

There are numerous landing options at your disposal. Low stall speed – 31 kt. Trustworthy Rotax engine; the monocoque fuselage made out of composite materials provides structural reliability.

Stunning Performance

The biggest flight envelope is the amphibious category. Cruising speed at 100 kt and stall speed at 31 kt. Landing and take-off on short distances, both in case of land and water. Easy handling of the flight controls.


Spacious cockpit that comfortably accommodates the pilot and a passenger; adjustable seats. Long flights without tiredness, thanks to the ergonomic layout of the cabin. Exceptional visibility, offering safety and comfort.

Advanced Technology

State-of-the-art technology, using composite materials like fiberglass, carbon fiber and Kevlar. Superior wing design to offer maximum performance during amphibious operations. Electromechanical landing gear. It will take about 9 second to retract the landing gear.

Highly Competitive Price

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